Excuses or Results–You Choose

I have to worn you, I’m feeling a bit sassy tonight.  Those of you who know me, know that I’m not one for excuses, so hear goes my attempt at discussing this issue with a little restraint. 🙂

“Oh, you’re just one of those naturally thin people.”  I get really irritated when people say that to me. That sentence is usually offered by those who are not in shape and have every excuse in the book as to why they’re not in good shape.  I may be naturally thin, but I have to work for my body.   It’s an ongoing effort to improve it; to shape it; to push it to new limits.

There is such a thing as “skinny fat.”  That’s where you appear skinny, but your body fat percentage is unhealthy.  So, if I didn’t work like I do, I, too, could be skinny fat.

Let’s try some of the excuses I hear as to why someone can’t be fit:

  • “I can’t afford healthy food.”   While it’s often true that healthier foods cost more than low-quality foods, it can be done with economic sensitivity if you try.  I use coupons when I can.  I make the family menu based on what’s on sale that week.  I cook a lot at one time and use it throughout the week.  So, it prevents the need for fast food restaurants.  You can grow your own vegetables and fruits….There are ways to get it done in an affordable way.
  • “My kids won’t eat healthy foods.”  I have a simple answer to that.  Who’s the parent?  If you pay for the groceries and you prepare the food–guess what, you control the menu.  As harsh as it may seem, your kids may throw a temporary fit and refuse to eat dinner–let them refuse.  They will come around after missing a couple of dinners.  I could go on and on about this subject.  So, I will on a later blog.
  • “I’m genetically predisposed to be heavy.”  That doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen.  It just means you have to work a little harder.  Just because someone isn’t as good at math as someone else, doesn’t mean they can’t make good grades–they just have to try harder.
  • “I don’t have time.”  Don’t even get me started on this excuse.  I promise that if someone offered you a million dollars to make it to the gym or cook your own meals for a month, you’d find the time some how.
  • “I can’t afford a gym membership.”  You don’t need a gym membership.  The last time I checked, it was free to go outside.  There are plenty of activities to do outside.  With a little research and creativity, you can devise a great plan for burning calories, improving stamina and your physique.
  • “My body can’t handle exercise.”  That’s fine.  Control your nutrition.  Do what activities your body can handle.

What other excuses do you hear out there? I promise, there is a way around them.

The bottom line is: You either want to be fit/healthy or you don’t.

You can have excuses or you can have results.  You choose.

I believe you can do it and hopefully can offer you some advice, support and encouragement along your journey.


2 thoughts on “Excuses or Results–You Choose

  1. April P says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to hear what else you have to say. 🙂

  2. Christel Burmaster says:

    I love it!!! I laughed so hard, I cried , all because it’s so true… People like to sugar up everything so when they give those excuses they think we will swallow it down…… Well put I give you a 10 for humor and honesty…

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