Stop Hatin’

On my recent trip to Jamaica, I had the chance to do a lot of people watching. Sometimes I was amused and other times disappointed.
Let’s start with my experience at the resort’s fitness center. First off, I saw several people who seemed to have NO clue what to do in the gym. I was glad they were there, but wondered what the thought process was that would make someone want to start working out while on vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚
Then came the disappointment…this lady came in dressed in her sports bra and tight shorts. Her hair was nicely coifed and jewelry was in tact. She was a pretty lady in descent shape, yet she kept throwing Eye Darts at other women in the fitness center. It made me sad for her that she was “hating” women whom she perceived as being better looking than she was.
This disappointment continued when I overheard a group of cute girls out by the pool. They were verbally thrashing a beautiful woman who was in the pool. They looked for every supposed flaw and pointed it out.
It took quit a bit of restraint for me to not chastise these women for their hateful & jealous attitude.
Now I know that women are often competitive, but I don’t understand why it turns into hate. I was taught that there will always be someone who does something better than you or may have a physical characteristic that is more attractive than one you may have. However, it is these differences that allow us to shine, be special and see that we are beautifully created.
Ladies, stop hating. Celebrate other women’s successes. Learn from them. Strive to be your best and focus on what makes you shine. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Stop Hatin’

  1. Sean Livingston says:

    You’re an amazing woman, Eve! I think all young women really need to listen to your wisdom because it might just save their reputation (and maybe even their lives) one day.


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