Sunday Thoughts

Oh how I love my quiet Sunday mornings. The entire house is still sleeping. I can sit in the quiet and enjoy my coffee. It gives me a great opportunity to reflect on past events and think about about the future.

This year has been an interesting one so far. When I started the year off, I had started a new job, had had a great holiday and I was seeing changes in my body. I thought it was going to be “my year” on the fitness stage.

Apparently, a different journey was in store for me this year. It’s still going to be a great year–just different than what I thought. Funny how life works like that. Haha

I haven’t been able to make it on stage yet. This year has held much stress for me and my family has needed me to handle more than usual. My family’s schedule has always been demanding, but I have felt like I’ve had to juggle more this year than I have in a long while.

I have to say that it hasn’t been easy on me, mentally, to not have my physique where I want it to be. I’m not saying I’m not happy with my body. I am. However, if I want to get on stage, I have to bring my “A” game. I have to be my personal best.

Despite being consistent and focused, things “haven’t shaped up” as quickly as I wanted, but I’m finally seeing my body do what I want it to do.

These last few months have made me really examine things. I truly dream of obtaining a platform where I can inspire women to be the best they can personally be; to lead their families towards living healthy lives on many levels.

I know I was born to encourage others and am excited about what I see unfolding in my future. I’ll be back on stage soon, will be coming up with more recipes soon, will be in front of the camera again, will be representing a supplement company and am looking at the possibility of another book. Big things in the works. 🙂

Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for your encouragement. My goal is to, in return, inspire and encourage you. 🙂


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